Thesis on gmsk

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The modulation technique – Gaussian minimum-shift keying

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The UNSW-EC0 QB50-AU02 CubeSat

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The UNSW-EC0 QB50-AU02 CubeSat

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GMSK (Gaussian minimum-shift keying or Gaussian filtered Minimum Shift Keying) is used for transition in GSM. It is a sort of continues-phase frequence displacement keying. SPSGRF - Sub-GHz ( or MHz) low power programmable RF transceiver modules, SPSGRF, SPSGRF, STMicroelectronics.

BER for BPSK in OFDM modultion with a Rayleigh distributed channel of duration lower than the cyclic prefix. Matlab/Octave simulation scripts also provided. In this thesis three methods are implemented over GMSK data to improve the performance and their results compared with the standard delay and multiply method.

Two of these methods are parametric based estimators and one is a fast frequency estimator.

Thesis on gmsk
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