Rijksuniversiteit groningen master thesis pdf

On finding imaginary quadratic fields where the class group has higher p-rank

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Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's Degree Programme in International Humanitarian Action (NOHA+)

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International Financial Management

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University of Groningen

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Language attrition

Om tot promotie toegelaten te worden moet men eerst de graad van Master (Master of Science, Master of Arts, meester in de rechten of ingenieur) of een daarmee gelijk te stellen (bijvoorbeeld buitenlandse) graad hebben case-vacanze-bologna-centro.com hoge uitzondering wordt vrijstelling verleend van dit vereiste.

On the Mechanics of the Bow and Arrow 1 B.W. Kooi Groningen, The Netherlands 1B.W.

Master thesis project (NS200)

Kooi, On the Mechanics of the Bow and Arrow PhD-thesis, Mathematisch Instituut, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, The Netherlands (), Supported by ”Netherlands organization. In this thesis, we derive an isomorphism between some subgroup of the multiplicative group of an algebraic number field modulo m-th powers and the elements of the class group that have order dividing m.

Using p-adic techniques it can be tested whether elements in this subgroup are different or even independent, providing a way to find independent elements of order dividing m in the class group. In order to emphasize the importance of responsible conduct of research in the MSc Finance program, you need to complete relevant web based modules of the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) before you can start the Master’s Thesis.

Studium Generale Groningen (SGG) is a collaboration between the University of Groningen and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen. SGG organizes innovative and multidisciplinary activities (such as lectures, films, and debates) on varying scientific, cultural, and societal topics.

Rijksuniversiteit groningen master thesis pdf
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