Mussolini bologna thesis machiavelli

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Machiavelli, NiccolÓ

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Ancient Rome Essays (Examples)

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The University of Bologna awarded him an honorary degree in jurisprudence. 4 Mussolini proposed to write a thesis on Machiavelli to earn a true doctorate, but this was never completed.

Full text of "Mussolini as revealed in his political speeches, (November - August )" See other formats. Sep 11,  · Machiavelli's Understanding of the Populace in the Prince and the Discourses The focus of this study is Machiavelli's Understanding of the Populace in the Prince and the Discourses.

This study will answer the question of what makes the populace of his contemporary era different from that of other places and times. Niccolò Machiavelli was born in Florence on May 3,in a family of the lower nobility and modest means.

His father Bernard Machiavelli was a natural son. This investigation establishes the extent to which Benito Mussolini achieved economic self-sufficiency in Italy. It will examine the actions taken by Mussolini to develop and modernize the Italian economy and the policies passed by his government between

Mussolini bologna thesis machiavelli
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