Implication globalisation social policy

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What are the implications of 'Globalisation' for social policy Essay

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The Implications of Globalization for the Economy and Public Policy

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to the impact of globalization on employment, WCII and poverty in DCs, while the concluding Section 6 will summarize the main findings and suggest some policy implications. 2. Definition and methodology “Globalization” is currently a popular and controversial issue, though often remaining a loose and poorly-defined concept.

Glocalization in terms of the social aspect basically refers to the impact of globalization on social aspects such as culture, and also in terms of social welfare it relates to the forces involved in the matters of rights, education, women and children and also the ecology.

The social implications of globalization have so far been seen as an afterthought, or as an unfortunate consequence of progress.

The ability to continue to think and feel and dream seems somehow threatened; there is a sense that the new global paradigm can somehow shut down our full capacity to be human. This shutting down, or submission.

Although globalisation implies that social policy should be addressed from both a national, a transnational and a global perspective, for the purposes of this essay, examples and case studies will be applying to and be limited mainly to industrialised, developed countries with well established advanced welfare protection systems, like Britain.

Social Policy in the Modern World, Blackwell PublishingJackson A. Globalization and progressive social policySheila L. Croucher. Globalization and Belonging: The Politics of Identity in a Changing World. The impact of economic, political and social globalization on overweight and obesity in the 56 low and middle income countries.

What are the implications of ‘Globalisation’ for social policy

While these policy proposals are widely discussed in the public health arena, they remain marginal to the larger discussions on economic growth and global development.

Implication globalisation social policy
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