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Thesis Follow-up Committee) 7 Karahan Okuroğlu G. We-based, distance training programme for health care professionals, MU Health Sciences Institute, PhD Thesis, Istanbul, (Member of Thesis Follow-up Committee) 8 Doğan Z. Öğretmenlere uygulanan diyaet eğitiminin tip.

Karahan et al. (), Aydin and Isikli (), concluded that only % of the Turkish midwives and nurses working in protective health services performed BSE.

The knowledge, attitudes and behaviour about breast cancer in 40 year old and older women in Malatya case-vacanze-bologna-centro.com Phd Thesis?nonu University, Institute of Health Sciences. PhD thesis Novel design and manufacturing of advanced multifunctional structural nanocomposites containing self-healing fibers and graphene sheets with structural health monitoring capabilities.

A robust and reliable code to model the irradiation behavior of metal and oxide fuels in sodium cooled fast reactors is developed. Modeling capability was enhanced by adopting a non-empirical mechanistic approach to the extent possible, so that to increase the ability to extrapolate the existing database with a reasonable accuracy.

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