Athenian democracy thesis

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The father of consumer sovereignty

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Athenian democracy

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Published: Mon, 5 Dec Few philosophers in ancient and modern history continue to have as much influence as Plato. More than years after Plato’s death, his teachings regarding justice and the ideal state continue to inspire discussion and debate.

This book asks an important question often ignored by ancient historians and political scientists alike: Why did Athenian democracy work as well and for as long as it did?

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Athenian democracy developed around the fifth century BC in the Greek city-state (known as a polis) of Athens, comprising the city of Athens and the surrounding territory of Attica, and is often described as the first known democracy in the world. Other Greek cities set up democracies, most following the Athenian model, but none are as well.

Athenian democracy thesis
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Commentary on the Apology of Socrates